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Commissioner Eduardo Vega speaks with BBC News in article “How offensive is the word lunatic?

Read Commissioner Tina Wooton's Testimony before the Select Committee on Disabilities, California State Assembly, February 23, 2012.

Read Commission Chair, Dr. Larry Poaster's Op-ed printed in The Modesto Bee, on January 24, 2012 entitled “Proposition 63 Services Reach Seriously Mentally Ill in Stanislaus.”

Read Commission Chair, Dr. Larry Poaster's Op-ed printed in Capitol Weeklyon January 24, 2012, entitled "Proposition 63 has cut homelessness, arrests, psychiatric hospitalizations."

Read Commissioner Eduardo Vega's guest column in the US Department of Health and Human Services e-newsletter, entitled Self-Determination and Responsibility in Transformation”.

Commissioner Larry Poaster’s Opinion Editorial regarding the Statewide Suicide Prevention Project was published in the Modesto Bee on June 13, 2011. The California Mental Health Services Authority awarded contracts for over $23 million to the project, which is part of the first phase of statewide projects to prevent suicides, improve student mental health, and reduce the stigma around mental illnesses. 

Commissioner Andrew Poat's Opinion Editorial entitled "Mental Illness Milestone" was published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on February 10, 2011, and addresses the historic milestone the MHSOAC has achieved in approving more than $713 million in programs to promote mental health and prevent negative consequences of mental illness for all of California's 58 counties.  Please see the SIGNON SAN DIEGO link below to read the full text: 

Commissioner Eduardo Vega’s Opinion Editorial regarding the role of stigma in deterring people from accessing mental health care, as may have been the case with the tragedy in Tucscon, was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 14, 2011. Read the article here: